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Contact Center Complete Handbook - How to Analyze, Assess, Manage and Deliver Customer Business Need The traditional call center?rows of agents in headsets answering calls?is becoming...
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facilitate call center Call Center exam call center  
BPM Business Process Management Best Practices Design, Streamline and Manage Guide - Lead with busin Business process management is a clear-cut way to analyze an organizations` business...
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business management Business Process Management  
Manage It! Edit system settings with this application.
Size: 480 KB
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editor edit Enable system settings Disable Task Manager  
wE-manage wE-manage creates free interactive websites for your Teamwork/ Projects/ Tasks Management. Very user-friendly but complete, it streamlines the set-up, follow-up and communication of all your tasks. In
Size: 7.97 MB
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tasks create interactive websites MSBuild Tasks  
Telco Manage Master Telephone Company (Telco) or Service Carrier account data. Detailed line, circuit and/or service data, including summary cost. Telco history log that you may maintain in chronological order. Co
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Manage Folders Places a "Manage Folder" item on the context menu of bookmark folders.
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manage manager manage bookmark bookmark manage folder  

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DataSurfer A tool that will help you manage and administrate your businesses.
Size: 32.4 MB
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organizer manager Management business management  
tinyManager Manage your customer relationships with this tool.
Size: 1000 KB
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manage customer business manage business  
The Business Integrator This software will enable you to easily manage you business and to create a database with all the customers.
Size: 15.1 MB
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Management customer sales Customer Manager manage business  
Aquarius Database A handy an complex business database.
Size: 1.3 MB
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database manager database manager business manage business  
Policies Manual A business management piece of software that can help everyone.
Size: 47.1 MB
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manager business business manager manage business Manual  
SellBizPro A simple to use business management piece of software.
Size: 64.4 MB
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manager POS business business manager manage business  

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Rasotech Business Manager From Rasotech Software Solutions: Rasotech Business manager is a Microsoft Windows-based business management software for PCs. It assists businesses to generate and manage their invoices, to track and...
Size: 3.22MB
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Business Inventory record inventory data  
peerTranet Business The main problem for small businesses is that they dont have a big budget to spend on software, but still need a robust application to manage their stock control, customer data and essential business ...
Size: 63.1 MB
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manager business management business time billing  
Optigold ISP Relational ISP business software application designed to help you easily create, manage and share information in your business. It's fast and easy to run an entire ISP business, or any combination of ...
Size: 14.88MB
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UK isps isps Business Management Software  
PeerTranet Business 2010 Free Edition The main problem for small businesses is that they dont have a big budget to spend on software, but still need a robust application to manage their Stock Control, customer data and essential business ...
Size: 102.26MB
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customer inventory customer data  
MIE Tasks MIE Tasks is a revolutionary business management and collaboration tool. MIE Tasks is intended for businesses whose employees want to share information, collaborate, chat, manage tasks, manage documen...
Size: 2.71 MB
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tasks multiple tasks compute tasks desktop rain Build Tasks  
Smartworks Enterprise edition A cost effective business productivity tool which helps you to manage projects , track issues and measure the progress in each of your business activity. Smartworks includes award winning project plan...
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