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The Service Level Agreement SLA Guide - SLA book, Templates for Service Level Management and Service This book enables you to implement, or fine tune service level agreements (frequently...
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Legal Agreements Agreements fine tune overlay  
wE-manage wE-manage creates free interactive websites for your Teamwork/ Projects/ Tasks Management. Very user-friendly but complete, it streamlines the set-up, follow-up and communication of all your tasks. In
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tasks create interactive websites MSBuild Tasks  
Manage It! Edit system settings with this application.
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editor edit Enable system settings Disable Task Manager  
Service Desk Best Practice Handbook: Keep your employees productive, Integrated, Complete IT Service How do you follow-up on employee issues? Are you doing everything possible to ensure...
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issues contention issues ensure  
Delivering Unforgettable Customer Service: The Guide For Implementing Perfect Service in Your Organi This book saves organizations.If you have been a struggling business owner thinking...
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business e-book thinking ebay business owner  
Office 2003 Sample: Creating a Research Service Using the Amazon Web Service API View catalog from Research task pane.
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JetSoft Multi Work XP JetSoft Multi Work XP will manage most hidden windows processes
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service manage control Windows service manage service  
SysSrvManager Manage your system services with this utility.
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organizer organize manage service manager manage Services  
Service Manager Tray Select which services you want to control from the tray
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service manage manager Windows service service manager  
Service+ CL A command line version of Service+
Size: 52 KB
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edit manage Administrate remote service command  
Organizer Service CRM : Standard Edition Spinso Organizer Standard Edition is a simple service CRM to manage complaint,billing,service Contracts.Ideal for Sales and Service Industry
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music service service Search Service brokerage service  
GDS 2000 Manage service calls, customers, products, serial numbers, technicians, types of service call, priorities, status.Unlimited number of actions by service call. No-limit data transactions. Run in stand-
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service Search Service brokerage service  

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Electronic Service Control (ESC) ESC is a complete service management software that lets service companies manage customers, work, and finances in an intuitive, easy-to-use environment. It has all the tools and features growing servi...
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manage environment variable Manage Environment  
Rozmic Mobile Messenger Rozmic Mobile Messenger is our entry level offering that is offered as a fully managed, hosted service. The service provides everything needed to control and manage instant messaging (IM) traffic for ...
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rozmic Secure IM mobile IM  
Rozmic Messenger Rozmic Messenger is our entry level offering that is offered as a fully managed, hosted service. The service provides everything needed to control and manage instant messaging (IM) traffic for busines...
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Rozmic Wireless Rozmic messenger rozmic file hider  
ServiceCentre The tool allows you to manage flash and service manuals, as well as data cables and service codes. You ca add a new company by entering a name and assigning it a logo.
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catalog Cataloguer mobile Management tool mobile service  
SqlServiceControl SqlServiceControl is a useful application that can be run via command-line in order to manage and control SQL server services.
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controller console control service  
SORCER SORCER features a service browser application that you can use to manage running services and a command line network shell tool that allows interactions with the service network. [b] [/b]You can also ...
Size: 74.1 MB
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